An anolyte solution is a highly effective disinfectant, which is currently gaining wider adoption throughout the healthcare industry due to its many positive characteristics. An anolyte disinfectant kills a long list of the viruses and bacterias that hospitals, private medical offices, and institutions are most interested in targeting, but without many of the negative side effects that come with sanitizing and disinfecting products based on toxic chemicals.

21st Century Healthcare Inc. offers several convenient options for anolyte solutions as disinfectants. Clients can purchase Hydrolyte, the company’s proprietary hospital disinfectant, in bulk and have it shipped to their facility. Another route is to use the Annihilyzer, an on-site generation unit that produces OSG 460 D anolyte solution on demand.

Water Electrolysis and Anolyte

The qualities that set anolyte apart from other disinfecting products are a result of its production process. An anolyte disinfectant is not a mixture of toxic chemicals; instead, it is created through water electrolysis. This simple process begins with water and sodium chloride, then uses an electronic charge to rearrange the molecules into new formations. The resulting compounds, anolyte and catholyte, each have important applications within the healthcare field.

The catholyte fluid is effective as a degreasing agent and surfactant, making it a good companion product for anolyte, which disinfects hard, nonporous surfaces. The anolyte itself contains hypochlorous acid, which is a critical component of the human immune system and is produced naturally in the body. When generated through water electrolysis, hypochlorous acid in the form of anolyte can be applied to hard, nonporous surfaces to kill pathogens before they are able to infect patients and healthcare workers.


Listed Pathogens for Anolyte

The pathogens listed on the product label for Hydrolyte, the anolyte solution manufactured by 21st Century Healthcare Inc., include antibiotic resistant bacteria as well as the viruses that cause TB, norovirus, rhinovirus, and other common diseases. Unlike other disinfectants, the hypochlorous acid contained in anolyte solutions attacks pathogen cells from the inside out. After passing through the cell wall without resistance due to its neutral electrical charge, the hypochlorous acid is able to kill the cell quickly and prevent infection.

This unique mechanism is very fast-acting, and after applying anolyte disinfectant to a hard surface, it is disinfected after 10 minutes of exposure. The quick turnaround enabled by this rapid functionality and its low level of toxicity makes anolyte a great choice for medical facilities that need to have rooms ready for new patients as quickly as possible.


In order to serve clients in the medical industry with disinfectant and other products with maximum convenience, 21st Century Healthcare Inc. has developed a machine that executes the water electrolysis process at the client’s site. This machine, the Annihilyzer, is extremely easy to operate, requires minimal upkeep, and is very compact. When environmental services staff need to replenish their supply of anolyte for disinfection, the Annihilyzer is ready to produce OSG 460 D on demand, as well as catholyte fluid for general cleaning purposes.

While there are many benefits to generating anolyte disinfectant on demand, some of the most visible involve minimization of the logistics chain–that is, the ordering, delivery, storage, and disposal of waste containers when disinfectant is provided in bulk. Supply chains can be unreliable in the event of a natural disaster or other large-scale event, and medical centers around the country are facing increasing pressure to reduce waste as much as possible. Using the Annihilyzer to produce anolyte disinfectant when it is needed is an easy way to help staff meet these goals.


While hospitals are the largest category of client for anolyte disinfectant, whether in the form of bulk Hydrolyte or on-site generation of OSG 460 D using the Annihilyzer unit, there are many other environments within the healthcare field and beyond that can improve health and safety for their workers, patients, and staff by partnering with 21st Century Healthcare Inc.

Because an anolyte solution does not produce any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during use or storage, it is a superior choice from an air quality standpoint. Ongoing research into VOCs and their negative effects on health continues to indicate that there are serious short-term and long-term risks to employees and patients who spend significant amounts of time in settings where VOCs are present in high amounts. Replacing disinfecting products that release VOCs with an anolyte solution is a great way to minimize the effects of these hazardous compounds.


ore information on the anolyte solutions offered by 21st Century Healthcare Inc. is available. Whether your organization is interested in producing disinfectant on site with the Annihilyzer or purchasing Hydrolyte in bulk, our team is ready to meet you, discuss your infection control needs, and answer any questions you have about these powerful solutions.