The range of cleaning products available to facilities in the healthcare industry is dizzying. Each product comes with its own set of strengths, claims, and characteristics, and facility managers often find it difficult to identify one that satisfies all of their cleaning requirements while staying in compliance with health and safety guidelines.

With catholyte, a powerful and environmentally friendly surfactant, degreaser, and all-purpose cleaner manufactured by 21st Century Healthcare Inc., hospitals and medical centers can finally reach all of those goals with a single product. This cleaner is not only highly effective in removing large particles and liquids from surfaces in preparation for disinfection, but it is also non-toxic and safe for use in all environments.

Catholyte Production

The origins of catholyte are completely different from the way most people traditionally think about cleaning products. This fluid is a byproduct of the process of water electrolysis, which applies a charge to water and sodium chloride in order to divide molecules up and combine them in new ways, thus forming two new compounds.

The primary output of the water electrolysis process as conducted at 21st Century Healthcare Inc. is our flagship product, Hydrolyte. Hydrolyte is a hospital disinfectant containing hypochlorous acid as its active component, and it is an incredibly powerful asset for medical facilities in controlling infection due to MRSA, C. diff, TB, and other common diseases.

The secondary output of water electrolysis, catholyte, is a great companion to Hydrolyte. As a non-toxic cleaner and surfactant, catholyte is perfect for cleaning surfaces in preparation for the disinfection process.



Its simple composition and lack of health/safety hazards make catholyte a great choice as a cleaner in an enormous range of different applications.


Medical Settings

From the operating theater to patient rooms, catholyte can be used to clean fluids, organic particles, dirt, dust, and other contaminants from surfaces before disinfecting them. The catholyte cleaner from 21st Century Healthcare Inc. does not pose health risks to humans, so there are no restrictions on using it in these highly sensitive environments.


Institutional Use

Schools and long-term care facilities are two great examples of institutions that can benefit from using catholyte as their degreaser and surfactant of choice. With large concentrations of people in close proximity to one another on a daily basis, these environments require frequent cleaning with dependable results.


Food Preparation

Catholyte is an ideal surfactant/degreaser for kitchens at restaurants, hotels, and institutions. There are no food contamination risks to mitigate, and staff do not need to use PPE or follow special storage requirements with catholyte fluids.


Home Use

Homeowners who are looking for a cleaning product that is not only effective but also good for the environment will love the qualities of catholyte. It is safe for use around pets and children, and it does not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, a common issue with many chemical based cleaners.


All Purpose Cleaner

While the healthcare field has been the primary area of implementation for 21st Century Healthcare’s catholyte product, the truth is that its gentle, safe, and non-hazardous qualities make it a great choice for nearly any cleaning application. From the rigorous cleaning protocols of the emergency department to everyday at-home cleaning of floors and countertops, catholyte comes through with flying colors.


It is important to know the difference between a cleaner and a disinfectant. While both types of products are critical for keeping environments in a healthcare environment free of pathogens, they perform very different functions. Disinfectants, including Hydrolyte, are regulated by the EPA and kill the bacteria and viruses listed on their product label to specified levels. Cleaners, on the other hand, do not attack microorganisms at the cellular level. Rather, they remove relatively large particles, most commonly liquids, food, soil, and other organic and non-organic particles that act as ideal growth environments for pathogens.

Using a cleaner to remove these particles is a critical step in the overall process of infection control, paving the way for a disinfectant to attack viruses and bacteria.


As mentioned already, 21st Century Healthcare’s catholyte cleaner is extremely friendly to the environment. There are no safety risks to children or pets, and it is safe to use in food preparation areas. Catholyte can be used to clean surfaces without concerns about toxic chemicals being rinsed into the environment or posing a risk to the humans and animals who live, work, and play in the area.

An important and increasing concern among the workers and patients who spend large amounts of time in healthcare environments is the presence of VOCs. Many disinfecting and cleaning products that are chemical based release VOCs into the atmosphere as they are used–or even during storage. As people inhale these VOCs, they pose varying levels of both short and long-term health risks. Catholyte does not release any VOCs or quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) into the air during use or storage, avoiding a significant health hazard.


Catholyte can be ordered in bulk from 21st Century Healthcare Inc. directly, or it can be generated on site using our patented Annihilyzer unit. This compact machine produces both OSG 460 D, a hospital disinfectant, and OSG 11-12, a catholyte cleaner appropriate for use in all surfactant, degreasing, and all-purpose cleaning applications. You can learn more about catholyte, anolyte, and 21st Century Healthcare’s other solutions for infection control in the medical industry by contacting us directly.