There is a common misconception that a disinfectant that is truly effective in killing pathogens must be based in chemicals that are highly toxic to humans, animals, and the ecosystem in general. On the other hand, most people assume that a product labeled “green” or an eco-friendly disinfectant must be less powerful, compromising effectiveness for environmental concerns. Hydrolyte, the signature product from 21st Century Healthcare Inc., is a disinfectant that shows that those assumptions are false. A powerful hospital disinfectant doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment. By using pathogen-killing mechanisms that are inspired by the human body’s natural immune system, Hydrolyte is changing the face of infection control in large medical facilities for the better.

Toxic Chemicals are Out

While most people aren’t excited about using cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products that are based on toxic chemicals, they think that they don’t have a choice if they want to keep their family, their employees, their guests, and themselves safe from infection. Unfortunately, these hazardous products often pose new health threats to humans even while they are working to solve the initial infection threat. One of the most significant of those hazards is the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air during use and even during storage of disinfectants. These compounds remain in the atmosphere for a long time, and as people inhale them, they are exposed to numerous risks in both the short and long term.



Hydrolyte represents a completely different approach to eradicating pathogens. Rather than using toxic chemicals that kill bacteria and viruses but are also harmful to people, 21st Century Healthcare Inc. developed Hydrolyte as an eco-friendly disinfectant that uses an innovative mechanism to accomplish the same desired effect without the unwanted health consequences. As a solution produced through the process of water electrolysis, Hydrolyte is an environmentally friendly disinfectant that still has the power to quickly and thoroughly eradicate a long list of pathogens, many of which are top of mind for hospital and medical center administrators.


The amazing compound at the heart of Hydrolyte is hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is produced as a direct result of water electrolysis, which splits water and sodium chloride molecules apart and recombines the elements into new fluids, anolyte and catholyte solutions. The anolyte solution contains hypochlorous acid, which has incredible pathogen killing qualities and functions as an environmentally friendly disinfectant. The human body actually produces HOCl naturally as part of the immune system’s defense against infection, and the way the compound attacks and kills harmful cells within the body is the same mechanism that it uses in the form of Hydrolyte as an eco-friendly disinfectant on hard, nonporous surfaces.


No Volatile Organic Compounds

One of the most surprising qualities of 21st Century Healthcare’s environmentally friendly disinfectant is the fact that it does not release any VOCs or quaternary ammonium compounds (“quats”) during use or storage. This means that hospital staff does not need to use PPE while handling Hydrolyte, and over the long term the patients and healthcare workers in the environment where Hydrolyte is used are less exposed to risk of developing chronic respiratory conditions. While research is ongoing as far as the consequences of long-term exposure to VOCs and quats in the workplace, it is fairly well established that people already suffering from asthma, COPD, and other chronic respiratory diseases have those conditions worsened with exposure to high levels of VOCs. Research also suggests that years of exposure to VOCs can lead to COPD and other conditions even in otherwise healthy employees.


Reduction of Waste

Another benefit of using an eco-friendly disinfectant like 21st Century Healthcare’s solution is often overlooked. Through the use of our on-site generation solution, facilities can produce OSG 460 D, an environmentally friendly disinfectant, on demand. This means that the facility does not need to order and receive deliveries of disinfectant in bulk, packaged in disposable plastic containers and shipped on wood pallets. For a large facility, this waste adds up, and in many states and localities there is increasing pressure to reduce waste production. By switching to a system for on-site generation of disinfectant, these facilities can make their processes greener, save employees time, and minimize their dependence on the external supply chain for critical resources like disinfectant.


Variety of Applications

Hydrolyte is an environmentally friendly disinfectant that is ideal for use in nearly any context, ranging from medical settings to commercial, retail, and even residential everyday disinfecting. It has a low toxicity rating, does not require special handling, and is okay to use with pets and young children in the environment. While the biggest impacts on waste reduction, health and safety in the workplace, and cost savings are seen in large medical facilities, smaller organizations can also benefit greatly by using an eco-friendly disinfectant such as Hydrolyte. Long-term care, hospice, private eye care, dental, and general practices, and even veterinary offices are great candidates for using Hydrolyte as their disinfectant of choice.


At 21st Century Healthcare Inc., we are very excited to bring the power of Hydrolyte to the medical community. We love hearing from folks in the healthcare industry and explaining how our environmentally friendly disinfectant not only provides superior disinfecting, but also helps them keep their employees, their patients, and the ecosystem in better shape. Contact us today to learn more.