21st Century Healthcare Inc. is proud to introduce our hospital disinfectant solution, an anolyte based product that meets all the criteria that medical center managers look for in terms of power and effectiveness against disease causing bacteria and viruses. This surface disinfectant for hospital and other healthcare applications not only kills an impressive list of pathogens on hard, nonporous surfaces, but it also avoids many of the health hazards associated with chemical based products, most notably the release of VOCs into the atmosphere.

Hospital sanitizing and disinfecting are critical components in the fight to keep patients and workers safe from infection, and Hydrolyte and the other offerings from 21st Century Healthcare Inc. are incredible assets to that process.


What makes Hydrolyte such a great choice for hospital sanitizing and disinfecting? The unique qualities of this anolyte disinfectant stem from its production process–water electrolysis–and its active compound, hypochlorous acid. Scientific research continues to uncover the incredible benefits of using this low toxicity, environmentally friendly compound for infection control, and hospitals that choose to implement it as a core part of their environmental services department find that it performs extremely well while also relieving staff of numerous time-consuming tasks associated with competing products.

The characteristics of this surface disinfectant for hospital and medical facility use begin with its efficacy. A look at the Hydrolyte product label shows dozens of bacteria and viruses that the disinfectant kills, with effectiveness of 99.9999%. This list includes MRSA, C. diff, and other diseases that loom as the biggest concerns for hospital borne infection.


Water Electrolysis

How is our surface disinfectant for hospitals produced? The process is very simple, leading to an anolyte product that has low toxicity and can be used in environments where the very young, very elderly, or immunocompromised patients are present without concern over toxic chemical poisoning.

With water electrolysis, a solution of water and sodium chloride is electrically charged. This charge splits up the sodium chloride and dihydrogen oxide molecules into their base components, then rearranges them to create two new compounds–an anolyte and a catholyte fluid. While both of these resulting fluids have important applications and both are provided by 21st Century Healthcare Inc. the anolyte fluid is the basis of Hydrolyte and functions as a hospital disinfectant solution. The superior disinfecting power of this fluid is based in the unique properties of its core compound, hypochlorous acid.


Hypochlorous Acid and Hospital Sanitizing/Disinfecting

Although you may not recognize the name of the compound, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is an important part of your everyday life. That’s because it is naturally produced in the human body by the immune system as a mechanism for attacking and destroying harmful cells that attempt to invade the body. Hypochlorous acid boasts a very efficient strategy for overcoming the defenses of these harmful cells, the secret of which is its lack of electrical charge.

The cell walls of bacteria and viruses have an electric charge, which repels most substances that are designed to kill them. Because HOCl is electrically neutral, however, it passes right through the cell wall. Once inside, the fluid’s free available chlorine quickly kills the cell and prevents infection to the body. The power of Hydrolyte is its ability to take the effectiveness of HOCl and apply it to kill pathogens before they have the chance to infect the body.


Hydrolyte is a hospital disinfectant solution that is uniquely positioned to solve many of the infection challenges that are top of mind for medical center administrators. Among the pathogens listed on the product label are salmonella, TB, norovirus, C. diff, E. coli, and many others. Antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA are also included. These bacteria and viruses are notorious for remaining behind on hard surfaces in patient rooms after cleaning, particularly in hard-to-reach areas such as the undersides of desks, chairs, and other furniture.

By spraying our hospital sanitizing and disinfecting solution throughout the room and leaving it on hard surfaces for at least 10 minutes, environmental services staff can have confidence that listed pathogens have been eradicated and the surfaces are disinfected. This process is made even easier with the spray cart offered by 21st Century Healthcare Inc. which ensures thorough coverage while also freeing up staff for other tasks.

On-Site Generation of Surface Disinfectant for Hospitals

In addition to the spray cart, 21st Century Healthcare Inc. also offers an on-site generation system that greatly streamlines the process of obtaining and using hospital disinfectant solution. The Annihilyzer is a machine that conducts the water electrolysis process on site, producing both anolyte (OSG 460 D) and a catholyte all-purpose cleaner (OSG 11-12) on demand. Hospitals are finding that the advantages of generating hospital sanitizing and disinfecting fluids when they are needed are significant. With the Annihilyzer, hospitals reduce their dependence on supply chains, eliminate the ordering/receiving process, and dramatically lower the amount of waste produced by ordering plastic containers of disinfectant delivered on wood pallets.

Both the Annihilyzer and the spray cart are available from 21st Century Healthcare Inc. along with all the guidance and ongoing support necessary to implement them in your organization’s facilities.


Hospital Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Cleaning

In order to help hospitals streamline their health and safety processes, 21st Century Healthcare Inc. offers both anolyte and catholyte solutions. The catholyte fluid is ideal for degreasing and cleaning, removing the particles that allow for the growth of bacteria and viruses on surfaces within a variety of healthcare environments. The anolyte fluid, our surface disinfectant for hospital use, addresses microorganisms at the cellular level and kills cells with a minimum of 10 minutes of exposure on hard, nonporous surfaces.

It is important for a medical facility to have highly effective measures in place for both cleaning and disinfecting, as each step addresses different parts of the infection control process. With the help of 21st Century Healthcare Inc. even the largest medical centers with multiple sites can minimize the time, expense, and manpower needed to address the full scope of infection prevention.


The long-term health of workers in the medical field is a subject of ongoing research. One of the most important areas of study in recent years is the effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on healthcare employees. VOCs are released by many of the hospital sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting products on the market, and the high levels of use within the medical environment mean that the concentration of VOCs in the atmosphere is exceptionally high.

Employees who already suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions are in danger of immediate negative health effects when exposed to VOCs, and in the long term research suggests that even healthy workers with a strong respiratory system can be at risk of developing COPD and other chronic diseases due to extended exposure to VOCs in the workplace.

Hydrolyte is notable in that it releases no VOCs into the environment during storage or use. This makes it a highly preferable surface disinfectant for hospital use from the standpoint of long-term health and safety for patients and healthcare workers.

Hospital and Other Applications

Hydrolyte is much more than simply a hospital disinfectant solution. Its qualities make it a fantastic choice for applications throughout the medical field, from private medical offices to nursing care and hospice facilities. The educational field and other institutions are also learning how beneficial the power of Hydrolyte is for disinfecting notoriously challenging areas, such as food preparation, classrooms, and restrooms. With no VOC production, low toxicity, and exceptional strength in eradicating common disease causing pathogens, this surface disinfectant for hospital and healthcare applications is finding its way into retail, commercial, and residential use as well.


Find Out More About Hospital Sanitizing and Disinfecting

The leadership team at 21st Century Healthcare Inc. is very excited and grateful to be part of a revolution in the way hospitals and other medical facilities think about disinfection. As more organizations implement Hydrolyte, on-site generation of hospital disinfectant solution, our spray cart technology, and catholyte degreasing and surfactant, they greatly improve their ability to give employees and patients access to a safe and healthy environment.

You can learn more about the products and equipment available from 21st Century Healthcare Inc. by getting in touch with us directly by email or phone. We look forward to partnering with you to revolutionize your infection control processes.