Infection control in healthcare environments is an incredibly important topic, and one that demands constant attention from physicians, staff, and administrators alike. While treating patients that often have weakened immune systems due to illness or injury, healthcare workers must ensure that they provide a healthy atmosphere. In addition, workers themselves face infection threats at higher levels of severity than the general public, as they work with sick individuals on a daily basis.

Hydrolyte is a hospital grade disinfectant selected for its ability to kill the bacteria and viruses responsible for C. diff, salmonella, E. coli, and many other diseases. While there are many competing products on the market that also disinfect and sanitize surfaces, many of these products rely on toxic chemicals and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), creating new short-term and long-term health threats for patients and healthcare workers.

A Simpler Approach

As a compound produced through the electrolysis of water and sodium chloride, Hydrolyte boasts low toxicity, does not require the use of PPE on the part of environmental services staff, and does not release VOCs into the atmosphere. There are no special storage requirements for Hydrolyte, and it can be used in all areas of a medical, educational, or long-term care facility.

Using Hydrolyte to disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces is very simple. Staff can use any standard spray bottle to apply disinfectant, or a facility can invest in the spray cart offered by 21st Century Healthcare Inc. This specially designed cart is adjustable to the size of a room and other parameters, and can coat the surfaces of a room with Hydrolyte without human supervision. Once applied to a hard surface, it only takes 10 minutes for Hydrolyte to kill up to 99.9999% of product label listed pathogens.


Hypochlorous Acid and Hydrolyte

The primary active agent in Hydrolyte is hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring compound that is essential for human health. It is produced within the body by the immune system as a powerful defense against invading pathogens, quickly destroying the cell walls of bacteria or a virus and preventing infection.

Hypochlorous acid can also be manufactured through the process of water electrolysis. 21st Century Healthcare Inc. produces hypochlorous acid using this environmentally friendly, efficient methodology, resulting in a disinfectant that is both highly effective against pathogens but also low in toxicity and appropriate for use even around pets and children.

The secret behind hypochlorous acid and its ability to control infection so efficiently is its neutral electric charge. Unlike most chemical disinfectants, hypochlorous acid is able to pass through the wall of a cell easily due to its lack of charge, where the free available chlorine of the compound quickly kills the cell from the inside. At 21st Century Healthcare Inc. we are excited to bring this unique mechanism, inspired by nature, to the disinfection of hospitals and other medical settings.


Hydrolyte has met with broad adoption throughout the healthcare industry due to its simplicity of application, its low levels of toxicity, and its power against MRSA, TB, norovirus, and other diseases.



With their busy environments, incoming patients with unpredictable diseases in close proximity to one another, and the necessity for quick room turnaround, hospitals need disinfecting solutions that work quickly and reliably. Hospitals that use Hydrolyte for disinfection are able to rapidly disinfect all hard surfaces of a patient room, exam room, waiting area, or even an operating theater with minimal effort.


Long-Term Care

In a retirement or long-term nursing facility, infection control is a crucial activity. Elderly residents who may have compromised immune systems need to be protected from pathogens as fully as possible, and the hypochlorous acid contained in Hydrolyte is a great choice for use in these settings.


Institutional Use

Schools and other institutions are quickly discovering that Hydrolyte is easier to use and store than toxic chemical-based disinfectant products, and in environments where many people spend hours indoors together, it is important to minimize the release of VOCs. Hydrolyte is VOC free and can be used even in schools where very young children are present on a daily basis.


Among the leadership at 21st Century Healthcare Inc. are people with real-world experience in hospital and other healthcare settings, as well as a resident pathologist to answer questions about the functionality and best practices for applying Hydrolyte to solve some of the healthcare field’s most pressing and serious challenges.


21st Century Healthcare Inc. offers a wealth of educational materials, scientific research, and ongoing support for clients that choose to implement Hydrolyte as their disinfecting solution. To learn more about Hydrolyte and 21st Century Healthcare’s other solutions, get in touch with us directly today.