Hospital acquired infection prevention is one of the most significant topics for administrators in medical facilities. As our understanding of infection transmission and the ability of pathogens to survive on hard surfaces has grown, the healthcare community recognizes that HAI infection prevention must be a top priority.

While there is a broad range of HAIs to consider, some of the most prominent and hazardous for patients and healthcare professionals alike are C. diff, MRSA, and TB. One of the most important steps that a hospital or private medical practice can take to protect patients from these HAIs is to select a disinfectant product that has the ability to kill them with a high degree of effectiveness. The application of such a product on a consistent basis in all affected areas of a facility not only enables staff to protect patients from infection, but also provides peace of mind to the public that the hospital is a safe place in which they can seek medical care without risking additional complications to their health.

HAI Infection Control

Ongoing studies of medical care environments consistently show that the surfaces within rooms at a facility are extremely critical areas to address when it comes to prevention and control of hospital acquired infection. While they may be invisible to the naked eye, colonies of bacteria and viruses can be present on desk, table, railing, and other hard surfaces, ready to infect a patient who enters the room and comes into contact with those surfaces. Some pathogens, most notably C. diff, can remain viable on surfaces for months as they wait for a new host to come within reach.


A disinfectant solution that is effective in HAI infection control must be labeled to address many different pathogens, and ideally it should pose minimal health and safety threats to the humans, both patients and healthcare workers, who are present in the environment. 21st Century Healthcare Inc. is proud to offer solutions that meet these criteria and give medical facility administrators a fantastic option for keeping their rooms free of infection threats.


Hai Infection Prevention

The anolyte solution provided by 21st Century Healthcare, Hydrolyte, is approved by the EPA to kill MRSA and other HAIs when used according to labeled instructions for hard, nonporous surfaces. The spray cart offered by 21st Century Healthcare Inc. is the ideal companion equipment to the solution, as it can be set and calibrated to completely cover hard surfaces in a room with a uniform mist of Hydrolyte without supervision. This saves valuable time on the part of staff members and ensures a more thorough coverage of surfaces than is possible with manual application methods.

Hydrolyte is produced through the process of water electrolysis. In this method, a solution of salt and water is charged with electricity, which splits the chemical compounds apart and rearranges them into new compounds, anolyte and catholyte solutions. The anolyte solution contains hypochlorous acid, a compound with powerful disinfectant properties and the central component of Hydrolyte

Hydrolyte can be used around humans without the use of PPE. Its low toxicity makes it appropriate for disinfecting even where pets and children are present, expanding its applications to all medical practices, educational institutions, and even home use. Storing and spraying Hydrolyte does not release VOCs or other compounds that can cause or intensify chronic respiratory issues, allowing hospital staff to accomplish prevention and control of hospital acquired infection without endangering the health of patients or staff in other ways.

Protecting the Public With Hydrolyte

HAI infection prevention, while it has always been top of mind for medical facility managers, has recently become a more prominent topic in the mind of the public. With more information readily available online about these pathogens, patients who visit hospitals have become more wary, concerned, and sometimes slightly misinformed about the nature of HAIs and how they are communicated.


While it is impossible to counter all incorrect thinking about HAI control or definitively identify the source of every infection, it is essential for hospitals to demonstrate to the public that their systems for infection prevention are robust, as thorough as possible, and supported by research. Using Hydrolyte for HAI prevention is a great way to reassure patients that their health is the top priority.